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This children's book of three is based off the stories of the World Of Fay!


Book 1   The Golden carrot

In the mystical world, know as The World of Fae lived a family of Frabbits. I bet your wondering… “What is a Frabbit?”  You may know what a fluffy rabbit is, but in this world hold great magic. A frog and rabbit one day fell in love and thus created the race known as the Frabbits. Now you must be wondering what does one look like?

The Frabbit had long floppy ears. So long, in fact that they drag on the ground. You would think that the rabbit would simple fall over or trip on its long white ears. The Frabbits were great jumpers and could jump higher than any rabbit could. Occasionally you will catch one trying to eat a tasty fly, but the Frabbit would rather have a tasty carrot.

Book 2  The Lost Power

Book 3  The Frog King

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