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Book 1      Wings Of The Heart

The World of Fay is the world that is hidden from eyes of man. It hides deep in the woods, rivers and even in nature itself. To find The World Fay is to find the secrets of magic. The creatures known as the Dark Swift broke through the spell that held them back since the dawn of man. The worlds are falling in dismay from their influence. The creatures known in human mythology as “Fairies” hold the magic to stop them. To fight the Dark Swift a lonely princess must find her knight.

In World of Fay has no knight that could change that outcome. This princess must blend with humans so she can find the one who will save the two worlds. In her travels, she will find a boy who stands out even for a human. This is his story of his life as a child of the Fae. He will learn why he was chosen to be part of the war that holds the known worlds together. If only he know he was destine to live a life for adventure and of love.

Book 2  The Dark Swift

Book 3  The Return of the Airen

Book 4  Echo of the Heart


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